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Are you thinking about doing business and don't know which is the right way?

The job of a real estate broker is suitable for you if you want to change your previous job, which no longer fills you, or if you want to change your business to another that is more prosperous.

The work of a real estate broker in our company is also suitable for those who want to achieve more and feel their dexterity and dedication at work as underappreciated. Yes, the work of a real estate broker at ALFA Reality is also suitable for you, if you have never worked in real estate.

In our educational system, we will teach you everything you need to know in order to be successful in the real estate and business spheres already during its completion.

Do you want to be the master of your time with the opportunity to work "right from home"?

The working hours of a real estate broker are flexible, but the ALFA Reality real estate agency expects its real estate brokers to hand over their work and fulfill their job duties 100%.

You don't have to go to the office at eight in the morning, but if necessary, you have to come to work at eight in the evening, seven days a week. Simply one of the criteria that a real estate broker must meet is self-discipline and the ability to organize his working time.

Would you still like to make above-standard money?

The above-standard earnings of real estate brokers are nothing new. But it is also nothing new that the more a broker earns, the more performance the broker gives and the more he improves and educates himself.
The real estate broker who, after completing our trainings, honestly fulfills the agreed work plans has a chance to achieve above-standard earnings.

Why should you work as a real estate broker at ALFA Reality?

Because the founding members of the company have successful and many years of experience with real estate with hundreds of closed business cases, which have been appreciated by hundreds of satisfied clients with their positive references. The education system in our society has a logical sequence. It starts with introductory training directly in the real estate union of the Slovak Republic and gradually with individual steps we focus on specific business skills with a focus directly on practice within our integrated real estate academy Real Estate Academy, which is a project of our real estate agency.
It is a unique system of education on the Slovak real estate market. It contains specific information and videos on individual real estate issues, which are made available exclusively to real estate agents of our real estate agency. It has a logical sequence and with its stylish content it helps to advance their professional progress faster.

Do you have a successful experience of working with people? Are you interested in working as a manager?

Of course, it is possible to apply for this position, but it is also necessary to meet several criteria. Managers must also constantly work as professional brokers. In the long run, they must provide stable work performance (regularly close their own business cases). In such a case, it is also possible to focus on opening a new real estate agency ALFA Reality in your city.

Are you saying you are NOT into urging someone ?

SSuper! Then you belong to us. Today's modern business system works completely differently than you may know from the stories of your acquaintances. Therefore, if you have a dynamic mindset and you have clearly set your goals and a comprehensive idea of what you want to achieve, then without hesitation fill out the FORM and leave the rest to us.

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