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Home staging

Quality photos will not only be ensured by a quality camera, but also by a nice and tidy space.

Home staging is the preparation of real estate for sale with an emphasis on design and effective presentation. This means that the property prepared in this way before the very beginning of the offer period leaves a much stronger first impression on potential bidders, evokes positive emotions and at the same time arouses greater interest.

We can statistically confirm that real estate that has been prepared by home staging will sell half the time faster than without it.

We can also statistically confirm the fact that real estate prepared in this way can be sold by more than 5% more expensive than real estate that has not undergone such preparation.

We provide the home staging service in two stages, according to which we also assign individual work activities to individual experts.

In the first stage we will provide:

  • cleaning of premises, removal of unnecessary furniture and its storage, removal,
  • necessary building modifications, reconstructions, painting of necessary spaces and painting of necessary parts,
  • necessary repair of the necessary equipment, or part of the property,
  • complete cleaning and cleaning work by a professional cleaning company,
  • adjustment of the exterior so as to ensure the smooth running of inspections and design efficiency.

In the second stage we will provide:

  • lighting of necessary spaces,
  • efficient completion of equipment in the interior,
  • additionality of original accessories and details according to color and suitable design, which we buy directly in Slovakia "custom interior".