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How to successfully sell real estate

Don't rely on how much your neighbor sold for. Instead, contact our real estate agent and arrange a personal meeting with him.

  • In a personal meeting, you will tell our real estate agent your idea of the sale, you will tell him the information he will ask you to, so that he can then prepare the most advantageous possible solution for you.
  • By an advantageous solution we mean determining the optimal offer price so that you do not sell "under price" and at the same time that you sell at the highest possible price at the same time and also in the required time horizon.
  • After mutual agreement and signing of the necessary contractual documents, we will help you prepare your property for sale with an emphasis on design and effective presentation.
  • We can statistically confirm that real estate that has been prepared by home staging will sell half the time faster than without it.
  • We can also statistically confirm the fact that real estate prepared in this way can be sold by more than 5% more expensive than real estate that has not undergone such preparation.
  • This means that a professionally prepared offer with thorough preparation leaves a much stronger first impression on potential bidders. Simply put, the result of effective preparation with an emphasis on design means following the three golden rules that lead to the successful sale of any property.

Rule 1:


You will never make a first impression a second time.


This sentence will surely be known to each of you.

It has its inherent charm in every business, but in the real estate business this is doubly true.

Rule 2:

It is necessary to arouse such interest in the sale offer that the person interested in the purchase calls and agrees on the date of a real inspection.

In this case, it is important to realize that each property is the most interesting when it comes to the market, ie when potential buyers of similar properties meet your offer for the first time.

And this is the moment when it is decided on quality marketing, quality advertising (headline, text, photos, floor plan), video inspection and other marketing, which accompanies the offer throughout the real estate market.

Rule 3:

In order to successfully sell a property, it is necessary to arouse interest for the second time, on a real inspection.

It is said that the last step is the most difficult, and again in reality this is doubly true. But how to do it? How to arouse such interest in a real inspection, so that the applicant actually buys? It is an interplay of several factors and undoubtedly also the business skill of a given real estate broker.

However, our real estate agents are well prepared for this, which we regularly prove by successfully solving often complicated business cases.

But do you know at the moment what the common arousal of interest has in common at the moment when the offer comes to the market with the arousing interest in the moment of real inspection of real estate?

Great, if you think rule number 1 applies in both cases:

 „You will never make a first impression a second time“

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