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What was a matter of course yesterday may no longer apply tomorrow.

Marketing is a service that we have to think about in real estate on a daily basis. We are aware that the patient preparation of an advertising campaign is a guarantee of our success.

Before we start considering the form of the offer and writing its text, it is necessary to devote time first to preparing the property for sale. Home staging is the preparation of real estate with an emphasis on design and effective presentation. This means that the property prepared in this way before the very beginning of the offer period leaves a much stronger first impression on potential bidders, evokes positive emotions and at the same time arouses greater interest. 

Subsequently, we can focus on the preparation of the offer itself, which consists of quality photos, caption and sales text. Together they form a whole and therefore require enough time, especially.

Imagine that there are 1000 people in the crowd, 995 of whom have a blue T-shirt and 5 have a red T-shirt. Which one will you notice earlier?

We prepare photos for the offer exclusively with a mirror camera. In many cases, we even use the external services of professionals.

Watching videos on social networks and not just on youtube has become a trend recently. The video is more attractive to the potential applicant, but it still involves more senses at once when watching it.

If we have enough quality photos, quality text or a title and, of course, a video tour ready, then we can't forget about a separate sales website, which will absolutely underline the marketing campaign.

But now we are not finished, on the contrary, we are just starting. Right now, an online space is coming, which is really plentiful, not only through hundreds of paid portals, but also social networks, Google advertising itself, and finally other forms of trading with this final product.