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It is the most common tool for buying real estate, so we will not leave anything to chance.

We offer you a free service of our financial advisor, who will help you completely with arranging a mortgage loan and insurance for both real estate and households.

At the non-binding meeting, you will provide him with input information and the intention of financing, on the basis of which he will evaluate the most optimal solution for you exactly in accordance with your needs and possibilities.

Our financial expert cooperates with proven mortgage specialists and directors in banks, so we can also provide you with irreplaceable benefits in the best conditions in this area and speed up the approval process.

Not only will we save your time and money, but we will save you from unnecessary equipment and standing in banks.

What will be the procedure?

  • we will find out your requirements and basic information - the basic form can be written out with you by any of our real estate brokers,
  • meeting with our mortgage expert - you will get the opportunity to compare offers from individual banks,
  • We will help you choose the most advantageous offer for you,
  • we will prepare a loan application, which we will then deliver to the bank,
  • we will provide documents that we will have to provide to the bank,
  • we supervise the approval of the loan itself and inform you about everything,
  • we will ensure the elaboration of an expert opinion through an expert verified by us,
  • we monitor when signing a loan agreement with delivery to the real estate cadastre,
  • we will provide real estate insurance and binding in favor of the bank,
  • care for you in the next period, on the anniversary of fixation, etc.

If you sell or buy real estate through our real estate agency, it is most advantageous, if you need loan financing, to provide you with these services as well.

The advantage is not only that the complete provision of financing is free for you, but also the fact that the whole process of transferring the property and its financing is under one roof.

We have everything under control and then we can communicate very quickly and respond to the requirements of the bank, insurance company or expert. This will also be appreciated by the seller, who is continuously informed about the status of the sale of his property and is relieved of communication with various institutions.

We will provide you with a mortgage loan directly in our offices, even if you do not buy real estate through us. We want your satisfaction and to make the path to your mortgage quick, efficient and easy.

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