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Reconstruction of apartment cores

We always try to do our best for our clients.

We are sure that you will decide to use our services and you will be extremely satisfied. Our company will provide you with comprehensive construction and reconstruction work for the core of your apartment for your absolute comfort.

The inspection of the order is non-binding and FREE!

By reconstructing your apartment, we will make your apartment modern and cozy. All you need is your idea of what the apartment should look like, what hinders you in the apartment and what you expect from the new solution. We can also advise depending on how much you are willing to invest in the reconstruction of the apartment. Then leave the whole concept to our experts or architect.

Our clients usually expect more than just an outdated solution of interiors built in the last century without the possibility of realizing their own idea. By using spatial elements, we can ensure a feeling of coziness and lightness, a feeling of modern design adapted to individual rooms.

At the outset, we start from a plan that includes the amount of investment given the extent of the reconstruction.

During the reconstruction of the apartment, we perform complex work such as replacement of apartment cores, replacement of kitchen units, toilets and sanitary equipment, or electrical installations.

We perform all masonry work such as leveling and troweling walls, plasterboard, laying tiles, paving windows and door frames, or painting work.

We remove waste and clean the entrance or stairs daily after work.

The first significant step in planning the reconstruction is the agreement on the inspection of the apartment, during which we plan the anticipated works and the method of their implementation, whether it is a partial reconstruction or a comprehensive one. Based on this, we will prepare a detailed schedule and specify the appropriate material and perform the necessary financial calculations and budget.

We perform work on the basis of written agreements where all construction work or dates of completion of works are named. Experience has shown that the mutual initiative and cooperation of our masters and your consultations during the work will always contribute to a better result and capture your ideas about renovated housing in more detail.

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