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Zita Hullová


P. Kakašová and p. Kakaš were very nice and worked with me at a high level in everything.

As for the information regarding the purchase of the apartment, they were equally willing to provide me with all the information we needed. Whenever we needed them, they arrived at the agreed time.

We express complete satisfaction.

Well thank you!

Veronika Mihalková


We thank Mr. Kakaš and his wife for his great professionalism, patience, flexibility and excellent approach to clients.

He is a great professional who knows what he is doing and thank you for everything, I recommend to anyone who needs to sell or buy any property.

The man in the right place.

Slavka Hačková


I have no objections and I am very satisfied with your service.

Great helpfulness, friendship and willingness to help and advise.

I am glad that I cooperated with you and specifically with Mr. Kakas.

Well thank you.

Lenka Jančovičová a Matúš Mentel


We would like to begin by thanking you for your services.

Thanks to you = your real estate agency, we have our dream house.

Overall, we are very satisfied. Nice communication, nice people, great cooperation.

We will definitely recommend❤

Dušan Kurpaš


Ever since I met your real estate agency ALFA Reality, I have been very satisfied.

P. Kakaša and p. Kakašová are very nice and dedicated people.

I have been looking for a real estate agency with such references for a long time. If I knew about them, I would have turned to them a long time ago.

If I can, at least in this way, I want to thank them for everything they have done for me, and I thank them.

In this letter, I am awarding five STARS to the real estate agency Alfa Reality SK !!

Thank you again and with greetings the satisfied client Dušan Kurpaš remains.

Gabriela Bielichová

Čereňany, okr. Prievidza

We were very satisfied with the services of the ALFA Reality real estate agency for their professional approach to us.

Personally, we would like to thank Mr. Kakaš, who is an absolute professional in his field.

He was very kind and willing to advise and help us in everything.

We will definitely recommend you to other people whose work can make it easier for you to fulfill your dream of living.