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Sale and purchase in ALFA Reality


"What was a matter of course yesterday may not be true tomorrow.

Marketing is a service that we have to think about in real estate on a daily basis. We are aware that the patient preparation of an advertising campaign is a guarantee of our success.

Before we start considering the form of the offer and writing its text, it is necessary to devote time first to preparing the property for sale.

We start with home staging with an emphasis on design and effective presentation, we continue with a video tour with a drone real estate scan, or a state-of-the-art 3D virtual tour and 3D real estate scan, which have an equally special place in our marketing. "

Home staging

"Quality photos are not only ensured by a quality camera, but also by a nice and tidy space.

It is about preparing real estate for sale with an emphasis on design and effective presentation. This means that the property prepared in this way before the very beginning of the offer period leaves a much stronger first impression on potential bidders, evokes positive emotions and at the same time arouses greater interest.

We can statistically confirm that properties that have been prepared by home staging will sell half the time faster and on average 5% more expensive than without it. "

Video tours

With the advent of the Internet and social media, space has been created for faster and clearer access to the necessary offer, and video has become a trend that is becoming increasingly popular.

Video on the Internet works 24/7. It can be viewed by those interested in buying at any time and as many times as they want. The video helps to select "tourists" from real applicants.

Our experience says that a classic video tour has 10 times more views than a regular advertisement. And we go even further ... "

3D virtual tours

"If a classic video tour has 10 times more views than a regular ad, then in the case of a 3D virtual tour, these numbers are even higher.

For the quality of the offer, we use the most modern way of presenting the property - a 3D virtual tour and a 3D floor plan of the property.

In this attractive form, we distinguish the presentation of your property from other competing offers.

The biggest advantage of the property presented in this way is that you can view the property at any time and it does not matter where you are currently located. Through a virtual tour, you will find yourself right in the middle of the action. "

Property management

"By managing your rental property, we save your time and money.

The cooperation begins with the moment of mutual agreement, signing the necessary contractual documents, handing over the keys to the real estate, which are the subject of our contractual relationship, as well as all the necessary documents that will be necessary for the performance of our work.

In the case of the "Full service" service, we will represent you in the 24/7 mode, ie also in case of necessary building repairs, reconstruction, cleaning of the premises by a cleaning company after the end of the lease and subsequent occupation by new tenants, or in case of an emergency situation. "

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