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How to successfully rent a property

This process can be summed up in three words.

It is expensive.

Therefore, contact our real estate agent and arrange a personal meeting with him.

In a personal meeting, you will tell our real estate agent about your dream home, tell him the information he will ask you so that we can start searching.

At the next meeting, after mutual agreement and signing of the necessary contractual documents, they will present you with exactly such offers that will exactly suit your requirements. How can we achieve this?

We first filter the offers that are available on the market, but also those that are not publicly available, but we know about them. It is offers that are not publicly available that are often the most interesting. However, for logical reasons, ordinary buyers do not know about these offers.

The whole process begins with the strategy as in the case of the sale of real estate. Leave any communication with the seller's representative to us as well.

A real estate broker has one big advantage for you as a buyer - he is a negotiator. After all, our real estate agents negotiate daily, which is why they can often negotiate a better price than the offer price.

Ways of negotiating the price are a direct part of our training programs, so our real estate agents are the best adepts for this service.

Of course, our assistance with each inspection is prepared for you in advance by our real estate agent, so that he can check the legal status of the property, the technical condition of the property and also alert you to the positives and negatives of each inspected property.

After your careful consideration and selection of a suitable real estate, we will definitely check the legal status of this real estate through one of our corporate lawyers, who will then provide us with the complete contractual documentation required for both the bank and the cadastre.

In case of your need, we will ensure, through our financial expert, the correct choice of mortgage loan, insurance of both real estate and household, and we will also provide an expert opinion.

The whole process has its given sequence and according to it we will also assist you, whether in signing the purchase agreement or the loan agreement in the bank.

After handing over the necessary documents to the cadastre, the cooperation is not over yet. The protocol handover of the real estate, the handover of keys, or a transcript of energy suppliers will also be important.

Simply put:

„We are pleased to please you“ :)

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