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Property management

We save your time and money by managing your rental property.

We start the cooperation by the moment of mutual agreement, by signing the necessary contractual documents, handing over the keys to the real estate, which are the subject of our contractual relationship, as well as all the necessary documents that will be necessary for the performance of our work.

In the case of the "Full service" service, we will represent you in the 24/7 mode, ie also in cases requiring necessary building repairs, reconstructions, cleaning of the premises by a cleaning company after the end of the lease and subsequent re-occupancy of free space, or in case of an emergency situation.

We will also represent you in regular inspections of rental premises and their condition, or in negotiations with the management company. You will be informed about everything through regular reports.

The breadth of our work depends on a mutual contractual agreement and the content of the power of attorney.

„Styling“ real estate

After a mutual agreement on cooperation, we will start in such a way as to ensure a pleasant experience from the first impression, ie a pleasant appearance and design. Home staging is a fast and efficient way to ensure rental at the highest possible price and in the fastest possible time.

Statistically, we can confirm that properties that have been prepared by home staging are rented half the time faster than without it.

Placing real estate on the market

We have extensive experience with marketing. We take quality photos exclusively with a mirror camera. We place great emphasis on the headlines and texts of individual real estate offers. Last but not least, we have people in the team who deal with video processing or drilling real estate.

We are aware that the patient preparation of an advertising campaign is a guarantee of our success.

Legal service

The lawyer who receives your agenda from us for the processing of legal acts will prepare the Lease Agreements in accordance with the latest applicable laws, as well as the protocol handover of individual properties.

The breadth of our work depends on a mutual contractual agreement and the content of the power of attorney.

Clients most often use these services:

  • if they want to minimize their time costs
  • if they live abroad and at the same time own real estate in Slovakia
  • if they don't want to worry about recovering their money and arrears
  • if they are so busy that they do not have time to worry about the condition and maintenance of their property
  • if they don't want to find them destroyed at the end of the rental period