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Coronavirus and the real estate market

Added: 14.7.2020

The coronavirus also significantly affected events in our real estate market, as well as the possibilities of activities of real estate brokers and the real estate agency itself. It is our duty to adapt not only our private environment but also our work environment to this unexpected event.

On the other hand, we have never had so much time before to improve ourselves and our work.

Now has been and is the time to improve.

It is logical that in this period there was also a decrease in sales in real estate, because our health and the protection of our family is the most important for us. It is also important to monitor the whole situation as it develops and only then will we think about other needs.

Despite a significant decline in inspections with potential buyers, however, there are some interested parties who are not discouraged by this situation. But this is perfectly fine, as we have to get used to measures that can take longer.

We are ready for this and consider it necessary to observe hygienic measures such as wearing a veil, protective gloves, keeping a sufficient distance, we use disinfectants that we have prepared for our clients and especially we do not shake hands. No one in our real estate agency has a travel history.

Despite the measures, we try to solve most work with our clients by phone or e-mail. But it is not possible to digitize everything, for example, our experience and our skill directly at the tour.

We will continue to try to help with the sale and purchase of real estate with all possible tools available. This is done by using the most modern technology, such as a video tour or a 3D virtual tour, with which you will find yourself right in the center of the action and you will become perfectly acquainted with every corner of the offered property. In this way, we will try to minimize unnecessary inspections and select real people interested in buying from "residential tourists".